About Rory

What makes Rory Run?

Underlying the plot, there are many themes of interest to the author. Since the main protagonist is a female attorney, there are issues of women’s rights, and Rory is an assertive character.

Since the court is the backdrop to the action, the idea of “justice” is examined and often comes up short. The “isms” that occur in many institutions are present in the court system. And while Rory strives to give her clients the best possible representation, sometimes her hands are tied by the political system, and judges unwilling to uphold justice, among other prevalent issues in the courts.

The characters surrounding Rory represent people of different races, socio-economic statuses, ages, and sexual preferences. She is a character who invites diversity and inclusivity. She is open-minded about most issues, and represents (often reduced fee or pro bono) clients rejected by other ‘for profit’ attorneys.

Relationships among characters are also explored. Rory’s relationship with her husband, while strong, has also been upset by outside influences. And their relationships with their teen-aged, twin daughters are those typically seen with teens.

Rory maintains close relationships with most of her employees, young lawyers. And while she is a popular employer, she maintains boundaries, not discussing her most private family matters. She is also not afraid to disagree or reprimand when necessary.

She is part sleuth, part attorney, often getting involved in figuring out who the real perp is, and it is rarely her client.

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