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Jacki Bishop

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     I’ve been an avid reader from the time I read my first “Curious George” at age five.  Currently my taste in books is eclectic – John Irving, Nelson DeMille, Dan Brown, Ann Rivers-Siddons, Ann Patchett, Jennifer Egan, Jeffrey Deaver, Ken Follett – to name a few.
I received a BA in Sociology from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Social Services from Bryn Mawr College.
The majority of my career was spent working in the Justice system of Delaware County, PA.  I supervised probation officers and court sponsored programs.  In 2002 the Consent Decree Program for first time offenders, which I supervised, was awarded the best court operated program in Pennsylvania.  I also taught Sociology and Psychology part time for ten years at Delaware County Community College.
During my working career I took creative writing courses whenever time allowed, not always easy as the mother of two active boys.  I published a few non-fiction magazine articles during that time.
It has always been my dream to write fiction.  After retiring from the Juvenile Justice system, I began studying writing as my next career.
My first novel, “Death Sentence,” was begun with the help of instructor Kris Franklin in conjunction with a novel writing course.  Kris guided me through the first four chapters and, at the completion of his course, I continued writing until I finished the book.
Rik Feeney was my former editor and has been an enormous source of information and inspiration about publishing.  Rik  made it possible for me to publish my first two novels and a short prequel (The Seduction of Sarah).
My current editor and webhost is Beverly Woods.
I’ve found that what I’d hoped would be a part-time hobby has become a serious full-time occupation, the best use of time I can imagine!  When I am writing, everything else recedes into the background.  It’s just the characters and me.
More detail oriented, my husband Hank has become my manager and has taken over the computer management that I’ve yet to master.
In my private time, I enjoy spending time with our granddaughter Lilia, walking in the park daily, and keeping up with friends.
My third novel, Bogeyman, was published December 15, 2017.

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